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Wine Tannin

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(TAN210) Wine Tannin (also known as tannic acid) is very light in color and is preferred by most winemakers to be used with white and rose wines, but it can be used in red wines as well. Tannins are found naturally in fruits such as elderberries, plums and apples. These fruits have sufficient levels of tannin but when it comes to making wine, most fruits lack tannins.

Tannins play three distinctive roles in making wine. The first is flavor; tannins increase the zesty flavors that are often left lacking in many homebrewed wines. The literal definition of tannin is the “zest” or peel of the grape. Tannins aid in the clarification process by neutralizing residual proteins and other proteins, these drop out of suspension by the simple presence of tannins. Tannins also aid in the aging and keeping qualities of wines; wines that are deficient do not take advantage of the aging process very well. Their improvement with time is only marginal and these wines also tend to deteriorate in quality more rapidly in longer storage situations.

Each 2 ounce jar is sufficient for treating between 40 and 80 gallons of must, depending on the dosage.

Directions: Add the tannin to the must at the beginning of fermentation. Dissolve in a small portion of warm water first and then stir the water mixture evenly throughout the entire batch.

Dosage: Add between 1/8 and ¼ teaspoon of tannin per each gallon of wine. You can also use it as instructed by any recipe you may be using. Each 2-ounce jar will treat between 40 and 80 gallons of must.

Ingredients: Tannic Acid (CAS 1401-55-4)

Q Nick (Carlsbad, CA)
Can you tell me if your wine tannin (tannic acid) is synthetic or from a natural source?
The wine tannin is from a natural source.

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Product arrived in good shape. looked fresh and powdery.

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good product

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