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Curved Racking Cane: 21" Long / 3/8" Tubing

Item Number: RK421

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Price: $7.30
(RK421) 21 inches tall. Perfect for 3 to 6 gallon size containers. Made of clear rigid plastic. Has a curve on the top end to eliminate any problems with crimping hoses. The tube is closed on the bottom by a cap that diverts the suction away from the bottom. This helps to eliminate drawing any sediment while siphoning. Our 3/8 inch vinyl hose can be attached to the top end for easy siphoning.

Customer Reviews

"Great simple product - Too short for 6 gallon glass carboy" Review by REKCOR3 (Posted on 11/30/14)

Perfect for 5 gallon glass carboys - too short for 6 gallon. I cut off the neck and it worked perfect for the 6 gallon with a hose clamp.

"the tubing was broken in shipment" Review by tom (Posted on 8/16/14)

the tube was broken at the bend

"Simple tech - but it really works" Review by Richard (Posted on 12/30/12)

Hard not to like this item, for less than $7 I can rack out of a 5 gallon carboy with decent yet controllable rate of flow. Like the cap at the bottom to keep it out of the sediment. Again, simple, but it works!

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