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28MM Poly Seal Caps (50)

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28MM Poly Seal Caps (50)


(CL215) Fits most screw-type fifth wine bottles. This is an all plastic screw cap with a cone shaped insert that fits inside the neck of the bottle. You get a perfect seal every time. This cap is easy to wash and can be reused. Comes 50 to the pack.


Customer Reviews

"Work Great" Review by Okiecad1 (Posted on 10/27/15)

Like these much better than the 'use once' kind, or corks.

"Could be better" Review by Jay (Posted on 7/14/13)

I really had more hopes for these plastic screw tops when I bought them. The first problem with them is that they don't fit most commercial wine bottles that I buy, whether from France, Italy, South America, or Australia. These are mostly based on the Stelvin closure system, and the plastic caps are a little too small to fit on them. The Poly Seal caps do work on 750 mL Italian bottled water bottles, and they make good wine bottles when reused. The 30 mm metal caps also offered EC Kraus will fit on a Stelvin bottle, but in my experience need to be tightened very hard to prevent leaking. The next problem with the Poly Seal caps is that liquid can get between the plastic cone and the cap itself, whether the liquid is wine or sanitizer. This is obviously an unacceptable situation, as the finished wine could be compromised. Fortunately, the cone can be pried out of the cap, if one is careful to avoid the bottle mating surface, and the cap can be properly sanitized prior to reuse. Finally, a couple of the caps cracked when I tightened them a bit too much, making me wonder how long they will last. No matter which screwtop is used, the bottles should be inverted for a while to be sure there is no leak.. All in all, a good idea for short term wine storage, especially if one wants to cork part of a batch for longer term storage and keep some to be consumed in the short term. In my opinion, a hot product for home wine makers would be to sell replacement seals for the Stelvin aluminum caps. Most of the time, the caps themselves are reusable a few times.

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