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Siphon Faucet / 3/8 Inch

Item Number: FT420

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Price: $6.35

(FT420) This is an in-line faucet that will allow you to stop and start the flow of a siphon in progress without loosing the suction. Very handy when siphoning into multiple containers. This faucet fits the inside of your 3/8" Vinyl hose.


Customer Reviews

"Works Good!!" Review by REKCOR3 (Posted on 11/30/14)

I bought it. It works great. I made the mistake of trying to fit this to a 3/8 inch poly hose. A little tricky but it worked great.

"Love it!" Review by M.A. (Posted on 9/17/14)

filling bottles is so easy with this little guy! No spills and fast. Not bad quality either.

"Great invention" Review by pepper (Posted on 3/18/13)

This worked great with the auto siphon, for filling the bottles.

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