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Transfer Pump

Item Number: PMP120

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(PMP120) This handy, electric pump will transfer anywhere from 1 to 3 gallons every minute. Has an On/Off switch with a variable flow adjustment dial. Perfect for racking your wine or beer from one vessel to the next. It is self-priming. Just set it up, plug it in and its going. Designed specifically for food products. Utilizes a food-grade diaphragm pumping mechanism which results in less agitation of your wine or beer. Also has a built-in pre-strainer to save the pump from clogging. Has mountable shock-absorbing feet. Comes with two 6 foot lengths of food-grade hose. Purchase optional item High temperature silicone tubing item #RK180 and allow your transfer pump to transfer hot wort. Tubing is sold by the foot so order accordingly.

Q Janie (Scarborough, ME)
How high or far can you pump the wine?
It will pump up to 10 feet.

Q Miranda (Watonga, OK)
I`m looking into using your transfer pump for homebrewing and it needs to be rated to handle boiling wort. Can the transfer pump handle liquids at boiling temperatures?
The 3GPM Transfer Pump is not equipped to handle temperatures above 110 degrees. The tubing that comes with the unit is not designed to withstand boiling temperatures.  You would need to order Item #RK180 along with your pump to allow the transfer of boiling liquids.

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