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Super Transfer Pump: Pre-filter | Hoses

Item Number: PMP120

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Price: $179.95

(PMP120) This handy, electric pump will transfer anywhere from 1 to 3 gallons every minute. Has an On/Off switch with a variable flow adjustment dial. Perfect for racking your wine or beer from one vessel to the next. It is self-priming. Just set it up, plug in the 5ft power cord and its going. Designed specifically for food products. Utilizes a food-grade diaphragm pumping mechanism which results in less agitation of your wine or beer. Also has a built-in pre-strainer to save the pump from clogging. Has mountable shock-absorbing feet. Comes with two 6 foot lengths of food-grade hose. Purchase optional item High temperature silicone tubing item #RK180 and allow your transfer pump to transfer hot wort. Tubing is sold by the foot so order accordingly.

Q Janie (Scarborough, ME)
How high or far can you pump the wine?
It will pump up to 10 feet high.

Q Miranda (Watonga, OK)
I`m looking into using your transfer pump for homebrewing and it needs to be rated to handle boiling wort. Can the transfer pump handle liquids at boiling temperatures?
The 3GPM Transfer Pump is not equipped to handle temperatures above 130°F.


Customer Reviews

"Well worth the investment" Review by Louis (Posted on 10/12/15)

Well today I finally got to use the pump that I had purchased last winter. To my amazement, this pump work flawlessly and easily pumpt 8 six gallon buckets of juice into the carboys. I would certainly recommend this pump. Cleanup takes some time but it is worth the effort.

"Works Great" Review by Pwc1961 (Posted on 3/19/15)

My first use of the new pump was to transfer 30 gallons from an oak barrel. It worked great and did in 10 minutes what could take hours with a siphon. The filter adds a little help to clarifying the wine.

"tubing ID not stated" Review by lps (Posted on 12/3/14)

After opening my pump I was surprised that the tubing is 1/2" ID. Nowhere in the item description is this bit of information mentioned. Purchased a 3/8 " racking cane that is not compatible with pump. Purchased pump because I cannot lift full carboys to countertop anymore. Will attempt to adapt pump to 3/8 " tubing. If possible will change rating to 5 stars.

"great" Review by doc (Posted on 1/6/14)

Bought this as a gift! works so good plan on getting one for myself. Filter screen could be larger.

"Great little pump" Review by Dave (Posted on 11/16/13)

I used my pump for the first time yesterday and it worked great. The variable speed works well and it beats having to position buckets in order to siphon. I have worked with larger pumps in commercial wineries and this little pump is great for home wine or beer makers. This was my first purchase from Kraus and I was impressed by the speed of shipping.

"works well but prefilter should be larger" Review by Bill B (Posted on 6/7/13)

the price is a major investment but saves my back from lifting vessels for gravity siphoning. the prefilter should be larger as it clogs quickly w/pulp that gets thru mesh bag from primary fermantation when first racking.needed cleaning twice transferring 20 gal of strawberry must. probably won't be a problem for second racking after sediment settles

"Excellent Product" Review by PaulB (Posted on 4/15/13)

After adapting a variety of different pumps to handle our wine transfer duties, we finally invested in a pump specifically designed for the task. What a difference, it is quiet, efficient and handles the wine very gently.

"Very useful pump." Review by Kurt (Posted on 2/22/13)

I have had this pump for 2 years. It has been a life saver. Pumps fast and doesn't bubble up the wine like my old siphon used to. Saved me from a lot of lifting. Wished I had bought it sooner.

"Just What I Needed" Review by Lonnie (Posted on 1/17/13)

This pump is perfect for what i needed. I ferment in a 50 gallon drum then move the wine to 5 gallon jug that I keep on shelfs. This pump worked perfectly for getting the wine in the jugs.

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