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Beech Wood Curls

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(WD610) Use to give your beer the beechwood age effect just like some of the larger beer companies. It adds a nice, dry American-style finish and helps to mellow out the beer's overall character. Beechwood curls will also help your clear your homebrew more quickly by collecting solids that are floating. Add to your beer at the end of fermentation.
Q Lea (Libby, MT)
I was interested in buying some beechwood curls for an upcoming homebrew, but I have some questions. I assume they must be boiled for sanitation; how much is typically used for a five gallon batch? I understand they clarify the beer by giving the yeast cells more surface area on which to act upon, and consequently speed the fermentation. Do they impart flavor into the beer?
You just need to rinse them with hot or boiling water before using, put brew in closed container with an air lock and let age 10 days. Recommended dosage is 2oz per 5 gallons. It does impart a slight dry after taste to the brew. The purpose of the Beech Wood is to have less sediment in the bottles, you would not add these until after the the brew has stopped fermenting.




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