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Yeast Energizer

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Yeast Energizer helps to create a more solid and rapid fermentation. It is a blend of nutrients proven best for berry, mead, herb and vegetable wines. The Yeast Energizer will increase the flavor qualities of these wines and also allow you to achieve higher alcohol levels. Yeast Energizer is also ideally suited for re-starting a stuck fermentation. It supplies a source of nutrients found naturally lacking in many fruit and herb wine recipes. Low levels of nutrients usually result in a sluggish fermentation. A wine deficient in nutrients during fermentation can also lead to off-flavors through the production of unwanted fusel oils. Yeast Energizer is similar to Super Ferment or Fermaid. Each 4 ounce jar is sufficient for treating 35-70 gallons of must.

Directions: Add Yeast Energizer by stirring directly into the must until completely dissolved.

Dosage: For supplementing a fermentation add ½ teaspoon per gallon of must. For a stuck fermentation add ½ teaspoon per gallon of must. More Yeast Energizer can be added later to a wine for stuck fermentation as needed.

Maximum Dosage: Total dosage should not exceed 1-1/2 teaspoon per each gallon of wine.

Ingredients: Diammonium phosphate (CAS 7783-28-0), yeast hulls, magnisum sulphate (CAS 7487-88-9), vitamin B complex, tricalcium phosphate (CAS 1306-06-5).


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