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5 Gallon Siphon Kit

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5 Gallon Siphon Kit

(RK305) This is a simple set up that allows you to transfer your wine or beer from one 5 gallon jug to the next without making too much mess. Simply start your siphon by blowing into the tube just enough to start the siphon flow. Note that the suction tube draws away from the very bottom of the jug and curves toward the side wall so you can see how far above the sediment you are drawing. When the siphon reaches its end, you can tip the jug gently, as in the illustration, to draw all the clear wine you can without disturbing the sediment. Comes with size #7 rubber stopper. This will only fit 5 gallon glass jugs.
Q Brian (Coxs Creek, KY)
Can you please tell me the size and length of the tubing included with the 5 gallon siphon kit and what size Siphon Faucet will fit?
The 5 gallon kit comes with 25 inches of 5/16" polyethylene tubing and 4 1/2 feet of 3/8" vinyl hose. And the 3/8" siphon faucet will fit.

Customer Reviews

"Love it" Review by hlcclh (Posted on 3/8/15)

Love this siphon system. No mess.

"Indispensible" Review by Novice (Posted on 10/19/14)

- must have....easily adjusted to fit different carboys....easy to clean...

"works great" Review by Ron L (Posted on 6/7/14)

I too found that the rubber stopper was to small for my 6.5 and 5 gal carboys.But the siphon hose works great.

"Siphone" Review by klm1214 (Posted on 10/13/13)

This is a fabulous gadget to have if you make a lot of wine. Takes no time to rack . When I first looked at it I thought it was a Douche bag until I read it. and than seen it . it takes no time to rack 5 gallons now. I will order another in the near future.

"Easy to Use" Review by mandm (Posted on 1/21/13)

This siphon was easy to use and made racking a much easier process than it probably would have been. Well worth the money, wouldn't go without it. Would also recommend calling the order in to make sure you get the right size rubber stopper, ours was too small for a 5 gallon plastic water container.

"will do the job, but might tire you out" Review by Sarah (Posted on 12/2/12)

I recently purchased this kit, and found that it works, but is not ideal for my set-up. I have often had to re-start the siphoning process by blowing several times, which leaves the job done, but my cheeks quite tired (and myself wondering if my hot breath should be co-mingling with my wine as much as it is). At this point, I'm opting for the auto-siphon.

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