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5 Gallon Hungarian Oak Barrel

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(BL130) Each Hungarian oak wine barrel has a medium toast, and comes with its own oak stand as well as a fitted hardwood oak bung. Barrel bung opening is approx 1 1/2".  Barrel measures approx. 14" Dia and is approx. 15" in length.  Each barrel also includes a 1 year warranty against leakage or defects. 

The Hungarian Zemplen oak is the same species as French oak, but this gentle oak, growing in a cooler climate has an even tighter grain.  The trees in the Zemplen Mountains grow much slower which in turns creates a tighter grain which also leads to a more delicate extraction.  Many winemakers enjoy the softer, smoother, creamier texture that Hungarian oak offers.  Up until the early 20th century Hungarian oak barrels were preferred by many French winemakers, but due to wars and supply cuts were forced to find their own sources in France.  The typical flavor character of toasted Hungarian oak is vanilla, sugary, woody, spice and slight carmel like flavors. J K Cooperage of Hungary has been producing high quality barrels for over 75 years.  Their hand-crafted barrels are known the world over for their superior quality and craftsmanship.

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Customer Reviews

"Simply Superb Product" Review by Chris W. (Posted on 1/7/16)

I purchased one of these barrels about 2 years ago. It comes with the stand disassembled and a some care should be given to its assembly as the supports are beveled to exactly fit the curvilinear barrel staves. As to its construction, my barrel has 20 staves, 6 very well secured loops and a nicely tapered opening for the bung. There is no comparison to the cooperage here in MN in materials or construction; the JK Cooperage barrel is simply superior in all aspects.

Follow directions for initially sealing ("wetting") the barrel, pay attention to your instruction sheet as it specifies prolonged care and sanitation requirements. Don't lose it! You will be rewarded with silky smooth wines, meads and ales. Mine is currently hosting a Tasmanian Apple Cyser. If I could give it 6 stars, you'd see them.

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