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6 Gallon Poly-Fermenter Complete

Item Number: PF110

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About this Product: (PF110) Our 6 gallon Screw Top Poly-Fermenter is perfect for both primary and secondary fermentations. It comes with an air lock so it can be used with either the lid on or off. The lid actually screws on for a dependable, airtight seal. It also has a faucet that is designed for racking and bottling. The faucet draws away from the bottom so as to leave the sediment behind. Our 3/8” vinyl hose fits over the faucet for a mess free transfer or mess free bottling. This Poly Fermenter kit is very handy and highly suggested.

Air Tight Seal: The lid on this poly-fermenter kit utilizes a rubber O-ring for a secure and reliable airtight fit. You’ll feel the rubber actually seal each time you tighten down the lid. The threaded design makes opening and closing as easy as a simple turn of the lid. No more finger pinching!

Product Details: This product is made of heavy, high impact, food grade polyethylene. It is completely food/beverage safe. The 6 gallon poly fermenter can be used for making both wine or beer and is 17-3/4” tall with a diameter of 12-3/4” at the top and a diameter of 10-1/2” at the bottom. An airlock is included so it can be used as either a primary or secondary fermenter. This kit also comes with a faucet for mess free transferring and bottling and is convenient to carry due to its handle.

Q Kevin (Owatonna, MN)
Can you tell me what size stopper is used on your 6 Gallon Poly Fermenter? And do you make a liner for it?
This wine making fermenter takes a size number 2 rubber stopper. And our Jumbo Size Fermentation Bag is large enough to line the entire inside of the 6 gallon fermenter.

Q John (Dixon, NM)
This fermenter has a 6 gallon capacity. Is that 6 gallons to the top or does bucket allow for foam? Also, is the spigot removable for cleaning?
This wine making container is just a little over 6 gallons, not more than a pint. And the spigot can be removed for cleaning.

Customer Reviews

"Poor quality do not buy" Review by Jh (Posted on 8/26/16)

Need thicker O rings, need 5/16 thickness.
Can't build pressure so bumbler will work. Leaking out seal.

"Second one" Review by Dillon (Posted on 2/9/15)

The is the second one of these buckets I purchased. I like them much better than the snap on lids. Never had a problem with sealing like some others said.

"Poor lid seal" Review by Hunk (Posted on 1/13/15)

Will probably return the buckets as the lids would not seal. I ordered 2 and had same problem with both. Called and they shipped new lids but this did not correct problem.

"Twist-lock is not so good!" Review by bblair (Posted on 11/22/14)

The fermenter works ok, but the twist lock is difficult to use. When tightened to the latch tab I cannot hold the unit tight enough to twist the cover off, resulting in purple finger nail and much aggravation.

"Where have you been" Review by Paul (Posted on 11/22/14)

Hands down the best fermenter on the market. Wish I would have saw these before.

"Need a solution" Review by henry (Posted on 10/10/14)

Bought two, lids don't seal. The screw on lid is why I bought them. Disappointed.

"Good Product" Review by Brian (Posted on 9/22/14)

Very happy with the bottom spicket and screw top. Could use gallon lines to make it a little easier. Overall very satisfied.

"5 Gal Bucket" Review by Investor (Posted on 9/2/14)

Great tool to make wine! The handy spout makes filtering and bottling your wine SO much easier. Love these buckets!

"Great Bucket" Review by Hugh (Posted on 4/2/14)

Best fermenting bucket I have. Seals fine, not sure how it couldn't. I did cross thread mine once but that was my fault. Gallon marks would be ideal but I can do that myself. Overall great bucket.

"Where have you been " Review by Seth (Posted on 3/27/14)

Finally a fermenter with a great lid. I love this fermenter. Not sure about some comments about the lid not sealing. Mine seals fine. I will be ordering more very soon.

"generally good" Review by bluedav (Posted on 3/24/14)

I have two of these buckets. I use them a lot for a primary fermenter. Both lids leak to the point that nothing comes thru the bubbler regardless of how vigorous the fermentation. That is kind of irritating.

"Great Product" Review by Tom (Posted on 2/15/14)

Of all my fermenters these are my favorites. Love the screw on lids perfect seal everytime.

"Doesn't seal" Review by Bruce (Posted on 1/9/14)

Disappointed! I like the convenience of the bucket over carboys, but if it doesn't seal it is useless. Also needs liquid volume markings.

"Must have!" Review by Travis (Posted on 9/10/13)

Ordered two a couple weeks ago and am very impressed. They will do just about everything you want them to do. The only drawback that might be a problem is there is no marking on the sides of the bucket to indicate how much liquid is in the bucket. I highly recommend this product.

"GREAT" Review by nessie (Posted on 8/8/13)

I have two, need another.

"Problem with o-ring" Review by Andy (Posted on 7/10/13)

The rubber o-ring needs to be thicker. It wouldn't seal. Took o-ring off a different type of 5 gal bucket and fixed the problem.

"Love It" Review by John (Posted on 4/15/13)

Lid seals tight, spigot is above residue. Ordered another one...

"Easy to use" Review by Roy (Posted on 2/12/13)

I like this bucket alot. The spigot at the bottom as made siphoning my wine easier. I have been using a bucket with a lid that snaps down. It went in the trash after using the screw on lid. Thinking about getting another one.

"very good" Review by Buck (Posted on 1/27/13)

Easy to use!

"Works Good" Review by Peachy (Posted on 1/25/13)

I have had one of these buckets for 2 yrs. have made several batches of blueberry, persimmon and some apple. It has worked perfectly for me. I am here to buy another one.

"I have 2" Review by Mike (Posted on 1/9/13)

After suffering through a snap-top fermenter that ruined my batch of cider, finding this screw-top was great! It seals tight, I don't have to turn the spigot to set it on the floor, and it cleans up nicely. Gallon markings would be my only criticism, although it's pretty difficult to see the liquid level from the outside, so they would need to be visible on the inside.

"The screw lid is great; other elements could be improved. " Review by Darrell (Posted on 12/2/12)

The hole for the waterlock should be moved off-center so that when the carrying handle is raised for transport, it does not hit the waterlock.
A flat screw in stopper should be provided for the bottom of the pail. It is not always optimal to have the vulnerable spigot in place and it would be nice to be able to switch depending on what stage the pail was being used for.
It would be nice to have the inside of the spigot be able to receive a short piece of 3/8" tubing so that it's draw height could be customized depending on sediment depth.
Packaging stickers that leave persistent residues should NOT be applied to the lid, especially over the waterlock hole as was the case with my order.

"easy to use." Review by kat (Posted on 11/8/12)

Had mine 2years now!! No problems,easy to use. :)

"Nice but has some drawbacks." Review by bill (Posted on 10/19/12)

Container is nice. But!!! It needs gallon markers on the side (which I did) and at 6 gallons it is just the right size for mixing a primary fermentation, but no room for expansion of the foam from yeast action. This is a bummer cause it floods all over the place.

"My Favorite Fermenter" Review by Terry (Posted on 9/21/12)

This is a great primary. Easy to seal and easy to open. However, I agree with the previous reviewer. Gallon markings on the outside would be very helpful.

"Nice Product" Review by Doug (Posted on 9/13/12)

This is the first Fermenter I've bought and the first batch over a gallon I've made. My only suggestion would be to include gallon markings on the outside and/or inside so you will know how much liquid is in the container. I got out a sharpie and put water in one gallon at a time and put my own markings on the outside.

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