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6 Gallon Wine Equipment Kit

Item Number: KT191

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[KT191] This wine equipment kit contains all the essential equipment you will need to make 6 gallons of wine with any of our wine ingredient kits. It has the same items you would purchase from us seperately, only now it`s conveniently packaged into a discounted starter kit.


  • 1 Tuff-Tank w/Air-Lock (9 Gal. Capacity) [TT090]
  • 1 Plastic Carboy w/Air-Lock and Rubber Stopper (6 Gal. Capacity) [PL640]
  • 21" Curved Racking Tube [RK421]
  • Racking Tube Clamp [RK650]
  • Triple Scale Hydrometer [HY110]
  • Hydrometer Jar w/Sturdy Base [HJ110]
  • 6 Feet of Clear Vinyl Racking Hose [RK110]
  • 24 Inch Stirring Spoon [SPN124]
  • Wine Bottle Brush [BR130]
  • 5 oz. Jar of CleanPro SDH Cleaner [PS310]
  • 50 Heat-Shrink Neck Capsules [HS110]
  • 30 Mushroom Style Push-In Corks [CL512]

Just order this 6 Gal. Wine Equipment Kit. Then order a wine ingredient kits of your choice and you`ll be all ready to get started.



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