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Acid Blend

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This product (AC190) is a blend of the three most common acids around in fruit: citric, malic and tartaric. It’s typically used in wines that are naturally lacking in acid, which typically results in a flat tasting wine. Acid Blend adds liveliness to the wine and helps to bring out its fruity flavors. Having a proper level of acidity will help establish a vigorous fermentation. Before you add any acid to a wine you should first check its acid level with pH strips or an acid test kit.

Before Fermentation: Dissolve the required amount of Acid Blend directly into the wine before the yeast is added. Titration readings taken with an Acid Testing Kit should be about .55% tartaric for a proper fermentation. Readings taken using pH strips should be about 3.8-3.4. One level teaspoon of Acid Blend will raise the acid content of one U.S. gallon by .15% tartaric.

At Bottling Time:
Sometimes wines will not taste their best, even when they are at their optimal level of acidity and may require a slight final acid adjustment to taste. This also depends on the wine’s character and your personal taste. To accomplish this, first, put measured amounts of Acid Blend, in a quart sized sample of your wine. If you add too much to your sample, blend it back into the batch and pull a new sample. Once the dosage is established, add that does to the entire batch.

50% citric acid (CAS 77-92-9), 25% malic acid (CAS 6915-15-7), 25% tartaric acid (CAS 87-69-4).

Q Mark (Omak, WA)
Can I add more Acid Blend once the fermentation has begun, or can you only add it before the wine yeast is added?
The Acid Blend may be added at any time. Whether it be before, during or after the fermentation.

Customer Reviews

"A Must !" Review by Matt (Posted on 10/21/16)

This product is a must for the must, all of the chemicals from EC Krause are fresh I've bought from other places and I question the freshness as these chemicals have a shelf life in my opinion

"cosistantly good" Review by joel (Posted on 10/14/16)

never a problem

"It does what it's supposed to!" Review by Steevn (Posted on 5/30/16)

I have used it many times before, in many different musts. Right now i am making Watermelon wine. I used 2-1/2 Tablespoons in 5 gallons. It's perfect right now.

"Only thing that worked on my acid problem" Review by COBOLL (Posted on 5/27/16)

I've been making grape wine from cultivated grapes (cross between pinot and slip skin variety) for 4 years. I used the acid blend per instructions and it's the first year the acidity level isn't so high. It's a much smoother wine and other methods just didn't work for me. I will continue to use this product.

"A must for good balance" Review by redbar (Posted on 3/11/16)

I have used this acid blend for almost every wine with just a few exceptions. The acid balance is crucial for the fermentation and the finishing of the wine. Too much and it may cause crystals to form and cloud the wine. Too little and it could take along time to figure out that your wine won't finish it's fermenting.

"good product" Review by denahoe (Posted on 2/14/16)

Product is good, but shipping could have been a lot faster.

"Acid blend" Review by Echota (Posted on 10/10/15)

Did the job....

"Good product as far as I know. " Review by Bettyboo (Posted on 10/5/15)


"good buy" Review by Carl (Posted on 8/14/14)

whether used for juice or fruit, the acid blend works well.

"Never have had a problem with this product" Review by bob W (Posted on 4/20/14)

Consistantly great product.

"Good product" Review by Bill (Posted on 9/11/13)

Only a novice at this point but it is a must for winemaking. Won't brew without it!!

"great" Review by acid blend (Posted on 3/20/13)

works great

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