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#9 Extra First-Grade Straight Corks (25) Long - 15/16'' X 1-3/4''

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Package of 25. High quality corks. These are the highest grade of natural cork we offer. Very dense. They are 15/16 inches in diameter and are available in 1-1/2 inch length (short) and 1-3/4 length (long). These corks will give a good tight fit with a standard 750 ml wine bottle that has a cork finish or has a 3/4 inch opening. This quality of cork is highly recommended if you plan on aging your wine for long periods of time. We recommend this diameter of cork when using our Gilda Compression Corker, Bench, Model Corker, Floor Model Corker or any corker that utilizes as compressing iris mechanism.


Customer Reviews

"Excellent #9 corks" Review by Spathareiotis (Posted on 2/26/16)

I have used these corks three times now and have not had one single problem with them. When left in the bottle for more than one year they come out very smooth: all the roughness when you put them in is gone. More importantly, none of these corks used so far has "corked" my wine. I hate the smell and taste of a corked wine. In restaurants I refuse to drink a corked wine. I carry these corks all the way from the USA to Greece where I have a vineyard and I will keep doing that, since I cannot find anything of this quality here.

"the best" Review by Gene (Posted on 5/23/14)

These corks are always the best. I perfer to steam them rather than boil them. I believe that there is a thin layer of wax on the corks so they can be extracted easier. Boiling them would remove the wax.

"#9 First Grade Long Corks excellant" Review by echota (Posted on 12/26/13)

This is the first time I have ordered from Kraus. The corks were just what the company said they were. I personally like to soak in filtered water before corking my bottles. They seated perfectly and will keep my wine for years to come. Thanks again.......

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