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#9 Extra First-Grade Straight Corks (25) Short - 15/16'' X 1-1/2''

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Package of 25. High quality corks. These are the highest grade of natural cork we offer. Very dense. They are 15/16 inches in diameter and are available in 1-1/2 inch length (short) and 1-3/4 length (long). These corks will give a good tight fit with a standard 750 ml wine bottle that has a cork finish or has a 3/4 inch opening. This quality of cork is highly recommended if you plan on aging your wine for long periods of time. We recommend this diameter of cork when using our Gilda Compression Corker, Bench, Model Corker, Floor Model Corker or any corker that utilizes as compressing iris mechanism.


Customer Reviews

"works for me" Review by Bruce (Posted on 12/27/14)

I generally do 5+ gallons per year which rarely last more than 2 years, so they work great for me.

"corking was easy" Review by Knarf52 (Posted on 9/20/14)

I don't know what will happen when I open a bottle, in a year or so, the corks worked well, I did miss the coating and printing on the corks, if i would have paid more attention I would have purchased coated corks. Right now I am happy with my purchase.

"OK" Review by FresnoStateEnology_ajb (Posted on 11/22/13)

While these corks are of high quality and a good price, if one plans to age there wine more than a couple of years using these corks it’s not a good idea. These corks lack an outer coating which when properly matched and applied, coating agents reduce frictional forces between cork and glass at closure and upon opening. Coating agents improve impermeability by restoring some of the waxes and oils lost during processing (boiling + washing). Coating agents “fill” imperfections in cork to provide more regular and continuous contact. These coatings are Paraffins (or “waxes”) comprise a large group of C26-38 simple (saturated) hydrocarbons which are chemically unreactive towards cork or wine. Because of the lack of these coatings corks become very hard to remove from the bottle after about 2 years. I’ve used different bottles with different neck diameters and every cork had to be dug out.

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