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#9 First-Grade Straight Corks (25)

Item Number: STR920

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  • These are all-natural, solid wine bottle corks.

  • They are "First-Grade" quality. This means that their density lies somewhere between our "Superior-Grade" and "Extra First-Grade" corks.

  • They provide a great balance between quality and price.

  • A great choice for someone who might want to store their wines for up to 5 or 6 years, without having to pay for the full-quality of our "Extra First-Grade."

  • Size #9 is the standard diameter wineries use to cork a 750 ml wine bottle.

  • They will fit very tight in any cork-finish wine bottle with a 3/4" barrel opening.

  • The actual dimensions are 15/16" diameter and 1-3/4" long.

  • Size #9 wine corks require a corker to press them into wine bottles. They cannot be put in by hand.

  • We suggest that you use a corker that utilized a compressing iris mechanism.

  • Comes in packages of 25.

Customer Reviews

"Need the Right Corker" Review by Ed (Posted on 2/28/16)

Tried these with an older hand compression corker and was not happy. Corks being a little oversize did not compress evenly.

"Great service, quality items, great prices" Review by Dennis (Posted on 1/16/15)

Looking over the online catalog I was impressed with the variety and quality of the corks being offered. When I received my order, I immediately knew that I had ordered from the right source E.C. Kraus. When I reorder next time I know it will be from the only source for me - EC Kraus.

"Tops" Review by FangornFarm (Posted on 3/7/14)

If you are looking for the least modified, highest natural cork, for a decent then these are the best corks in the market. If you consider corking as part of the hobby, then these are for you. Do NOT fully boil them, but instead treat them as natural cork: steam, or you could set in a sealed container with campden tabs overnight. Extend the cellaring by adding wax sealant after its 3rd year after bottled.

"much better than Superior grade" Review by Tory36 (Posted on 11/30/13)

Haven't given them the real test of time but they appear much better, Two things
1. Steamed them for 2.5 min. and they got two soft, let them cool or shorten up the time.
2. I opened up a bottle of wine that was 1.5 years old corked with the superior grade cork and it fell apart trying to get it out . I am sure the first grade cork will hold up to the time test.

"Easy to work with" Review by Bruce (Posted on 3/27/13)

My wife who does my corking found some variation in them. Some went in easly and others she had to use some effort . We do use a floor bottler.

"Like these corks" Review by Sammy (Posted on 3/9/13)

These corks are much better than the ones i was using. They are firmer and seem to seal the bottle better. Will buy these again.

"Corks work great" Review by Salvo (Posted on 2/11/13)

I have used these corks on 2 batches of wine. Did not have one leaker. They are much better than the corks I used to use and go in easier.

"unuseable" Review by rjbuffalo (Posted on 11/22/12)

I have found these corks to be unuseable. I've followed directions and boiled them, then used them, waiting until they cool, then used them, and tried them unboiled. The bottoms break off in the bottle and the tops crumble. The corks I purchased in my previous Kraus order worked fine.

"excelent" Review by cabernet (Posted on 11/8/12)

The corks are great quality

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