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9 Gallon Tuff-Tank Vessel

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About this Product: (TT090) Our 9-gallon tuff tank vessel provides an easy and convenient way to handle any type of fermentation. This vessel comes with an air lock, which can be sealed up airtight. This makes it effective as both a primary or secondary fermenter. The Tuff-Tank Vessel also has a faucet, which can be used for both racking and bottling your wine. The faucet has been strategically elevated away from the very bottom so that you can easily transfer your wine or beer without transferring the sediment. Our 3/8” vinyl hose will fit over this faucet as well.

Space-Saving Shape: The unique square shape of this rugged container makes this vessel a great space saver. This vessel is ideal when floor space is in short supply. With the Tuff-Tank Vessel you can store many gallons in a little area.

Details: This vessel holds up to 9 gallons and can be used for making both wine and beer. The Tuff-Tank is made of food-grade, high-impact polymers and is completely food safe. This vessel is 12” high, 14” wide and 14” deep. An air lock is included so it can be used as either a primary or secondary fermenter and comes with a faucet for mess-free transferring or bottling.

Patented Design: These specially designed tanks have a patented, gliding-thread lid design, which also includes a gasket. This makes opening and closing the Tuff-Tank an insignificant task - No snapping, yanking or prying like some other containers require. Just a quick spin of the lid and rest assured your Tuff-Tank is sealed up airtight and ready for fermentation.

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Q Teddi (Cheyenne, WY)
How warm can the liquid be in your tuff tank?
The tuff tank can withstand liquids with temperatures up to 140 degrees F.

Customer Reviews

"satisfied customer, thanks" Review by jake (Posted on 8/21/15)

I received the 9 gal. tuff tank exactly on time and am very satisfied with everything.

"Outstanding product" Review by Paris Religion (Posted on 8/3/15)

We use the tanks to ferment milk, and cream cultures at our bakery, and it works flawlessly. Very pleased with purchase.

"Lid doesnt seal" Review by Merger (Posted on 7/21/15)

At $50 each the lids should seal as described. It has a lot of advantages as a primary fermenter; but if one can't get it to seal, the wine will be lost in the secondary stage. Disappointing as this is my 1st bad experience with a Krause product.

"E.C. Kraus to the rescue!" Review by Frank J (Posted on 4/2/15)

I rescind my poor rating on 1/14/15. After talking with the experts at E.C. Kraus, we determined that the seal needed to be replaced. Very easy and inexpensive... the seals are not meant to last forever!

"Didn't last a year" Review by Frank J (Posted on 1/14/15)

Very easy to use, however the one I bought did not last a year. It is no longer air tight. I am not talking about a pin hole leak, there is a long crack along the rim. This is not a problem with the seals... they work just fine. The crack is in the hard plastic. I will still use this while bottling the wine, but it is useless as a fermenter.

"MISLEADING" Review by Tony (Posted on 3/14/14)

You describe it as a "9 gallon" fermenter, it might be if you're not making fruit wine but with a bag of fruit in it you're lucky to be able to make 5 gal. That should be in your description as well, also you should let people know the the rim will come off, its just like a joint compound bucket, you just need a couple of large straight blade screwdrivers, stick under the rim on the outside and push in toward the container, once you get the rim unlocked it will come right off, and you won't believe all the stuff you've missed when cleaning before!!

"It works for me" Review by Jere (Posted on 2/27/14)

I bought two of these and I like this tank and yes it does takes a little more effort to clean, not real sure what's up with it not sealing. I do agree that there should be more rubber in the seal, but I feel I'm getting a seal. After time the faucet seems to get hard and brittle and break I've had to replace them a couple of times already.

"It's OK but" Review by Russ (Posted on 10/18/13)

Hard to clean under top rim. Not sure cover is sealing tight. Wish I had bought the pail type for half the price.

"I like it." Review by 9 Gallon Tuff-Tank Vessel (Posted on 10/6/13)

It's easy to carry. I had no problem sealing it. It is easier to clean than a carboy. Soaking the lid and rim in a keg/fermenter cleanser before sanitizing works well so far. Stacks nice when storing.

"Great product. " Review by Jerry (Posted on 7/21/13)

I use this as a primary fermenter and love it. It is the perfect size for doing a six gal. wine kit when you add your own fruit for your strawberry wines and such.

"Good primary fermenter and bottling vessel" Review by Jay (Posted on 7/18/13)

As other have stated, getting a seal with the lid can be hit or miss, but for me this is a non issue for the primary fermentation. I just block the hole in the lid with an air lock and leave the lid loose enough to allow the carbon dioxide to escape while preventing fruit flies from getting in. I then rack to a carboy for bulk aging, after which I put it back in the primary fermenter for bottling. With the lid on tight, an airlock installed and the wine sulfited, I don't worry about anything bad happening in the short time before bottling. Filling bottles is very convenient with the spigot versus having to siphon from a carboy. The fermenter is sturdy, and made of a hard plastic that is easily cleaned. As others have pointed out, there are some nooks and crannies near the lid that make cleaning more challenging, but I have had no problems if I pay attention to that. Having the extra volume above the typical batch size of 5-6 gallons is a plus.

"It's OK, but flawed." Review by Joe (Posted on 6/29/13)

Just got done making a batch and it worked pretty well. My complaint is that it is hard to properly clean/sanitize. There is a lip under the lid that holds debris and juice. I'll probably just use it a few more times and get a conical.

"It's compact" Review by Fred (Posted on 5/5/13)

I like the compactness of the vessel but by being square it makes stirring a little more trouble than a round one. Also you need to make sure to clean up under the rim of the opening.

"I like it so far" Review by Marko (Posted on 2/1/13)

I have made two batches with no problems. Easy to use and clean. Have not had problems with it sealing like other review says, air lock bubble fine. I like the faucet at the bottom for siphoning. i have a hose hooked to it that i run into my carboy. I was using a bucket before. Now I like this better.

"Great Poly Fermenter/Storage" Review by FourLabsVineyard (Posted on 7/26/12)

Excellent choice for the person stepping beyond 5/6 gallon carboys before stainless steel fermenters ($$). Word of caution about that spigot on the bottom. I really do not use it and have installed a plug in its place after accidentally leaving one open while I was pumping (racking) into one tank - its easy to hit one while moving them and leave open. And the design allows maximum storage in minimum (height) space.

"Very nice fermenter" Review by mrkevin (Posted on 7/15/12)

I used this fermenter for the first time. This is now my primary fermenter of choice. The large opening makes mixing a breeze. The built in faucet makes for easy racking. This is a nice durable fermenter.

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