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Acid Test Kit

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(ATK100) Same method used by professional wineries to determine the acidity level of a must before fermentation and again at bottling time. Measured amounts of reagent is added to a measured sample of juice or wine that has been prepared with indicator solution. When the sample changes color, the acidity is determined by measuring the amount of reagent used to obtain the color change. Includes: a test tube, measuring syringe, reagent, indicator solution and complete instructions.

Q Amber (Calera, AL)
How many batches can you use the acid test kit on?
There are enough chemicals for about 50 uses in the acid test kit.

Customer Reviews

"Perfect for the job" Review by RJ (Posted on 3/24/16)

This is perfect for the job and a must-have item for anyone that dabbles outside of pre-measured kits.

"Good Product" Review by Reuben (Posted on 12/10/15)

A very accurate product to determine acid levels. Highly recommended.

"it works" Review by Nick (Posted on 10/20/15)

It's an acid test kit. If you follow the instructions it can tell you acid content. EZ to use works quite well.

"Great product" Review by Red (Posted on 2/17/15)

This is my second one. Must have for making fruit wine to get the acid right. Recipes only guess on how much acid blend to use.This will tell you the right amount. Came quick and in goo shape

"reasonably priced acid kit" Review by rar (Posted on 11/23/14)

instructions are easy to follow; subtle color changes are tricky

"Nice Kit" Review by Padrino (Posted on 8/31/14)

I like it for my use. no hard work to know what your TA is.

"Good Product" Review by Mike (Posted on 11/5/13)

Good Product if I'm using it correctly. I think the trick is go very slow and stop when you get a color change you can't get to clear. It can be very subtle depending on the color wine you start with.

"Wrong time to use" Review by Sherm (Posted on 1/29/13)

It's now almost February ... Foch/Baco already bottled. Next season will tell the tail.

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