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Add-On 6 Gallon Poly Fermenter

Item Number: KTA212

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Price: $29.95


(KTA212) Order a second fermenter now along with your order for the Beermaker's Necessities Box and pay only $29.95. That's a savings of $8.00. This offer is good only with a purchase of a Beermaker's Necessities Box at the same time

Having a second fermentation vessel is always handy for transferring your beer off of the sediment or even starting a second batch. This is just like the one that comes with the Beermakers Necessities Box. Also, includes an air lock, stopper and faucet.

Take advantage and order as many of the fermenters as you like at this special reduced price. THIS SPECIAL OFFER IS ONLY GOOD WHEN ORDERING THE BEERMAKER'S NECESSITIES BOX AT THE SAME TIME.

Add-On Second Batch Kit
Add-On Bottle Tree
Add-On Mechanical Bottle Brush


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