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Alexander's Sun Country: Merlot

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(ALC102) (Mare-low) Originally produced in the Bordeaux region of France to be blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and others. Now, it has become very popular on its own. It has a strong earthy aroma. Soft, velvety fruit flavors from blackberry to current. Use either one, two or three cans to 5 gallons to make your wine either light, medium or full bodied. Comes with directions. Also calls for: Campden Tablets, Acid Blend, Yeast Nutrient, Pectic Enzyme, Tannin, and Yeast. (not included)

DIRECTIONS: To see the directions that are provided with the Alexander concentrated grape juices Click Here.

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Customer Reviews

"Don't expect full body or taste per instructions " Review by Taco (Posted on 10/17/16)

Have used this to determine what works best as I enjoy Merlot. If you follow the instructions you will be somewhat disappointed. It's designed for a lighter body even though it says "Full Body" as you follow. Also the ingredients require fine tuning for taste. This is why I give it a 3 because the instructions can be misleading. In my recipe, I use one can per gallon. This brings the body closer and I use distilled water. I always add enough sugar to bring it too 12% alcohol and test the acid/PH level to keep it in the proper range. This is part of the fun part of wine making... experimenting!! I will say that the juice is consistent in acid level and gravity in every can unlike another brand..

"Alexander's Sun Country Merlot " Review by Deano (Posted on 3/25/16)

Used 2 cans to insure good color. Fermentation and clarification fine. Taste did not come near a Merlot. Never going to buy This product again.

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