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Automatic Siphon: 1/2" Tubing

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Automatic Siphon: 1/2" Tubing

(RK490) This is a very quick and mess-free way to start a siphon without stirring up the sediment that you have waited so patiently to drop out of your wine or beer. With the Auto Siphon you can "quietly" siphon your wine or beer off the sediment. Instantly start a siphon by slowly pumping up and down one time on the rigid inner tubing. This plunger action forces the liquid upward through the inner tube and into your attached siphon hose. Works on carboys, pails and many other vessels. Requires our 1/2 inch vinyl siphon hose. (not included)

Customer Reviews

"I would recommend it" Review by Biker (Posted on 11/18/15)

Great piece of equipment. Can you pleae start selling the tube with this unit . Just add it in on the price.

"good and bad" Review by cheri (Posted on 2/1/13)

Siphon is a replacement for an older one we bought. This one had to be taped up to keep it from aspiring air and stopping the siphon, at the joint where the siphon met the tubing. And yes, the tubing was the right size. Worked great once it was taped off.

"1/2 inch siphon doesn't fit in glass carboy" Review by Siphon (Posted on 1/19/13)

It seems to be a nice product but unfortunately it doesn't fit in any of my 5 gal. Glass carboys.

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