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Auto Siphon: 3/8" Tubing

Item Number: RK480

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(RK480) This is a very quick and mess-free way to start a siphon without stirring up the sediment that you have waited so patiently to drop out of your wine or beer. With the Auto Siphon you can "quietly" siphon your wine or beer off the sediment. Instantly start a siphon by slowly pumping up and down one time on the rigid inner tubing. This plunger action forces the liquid upward through the inner tube and into your attached siphon hose. Works on carboys, pails and many other vessels. Requires our 3/8 inch vinyl siphon hose. (not included)

Customer Reviews

"Excellent " Review by Barbara (Posted on 12/9/15)

This auto siphon works great.

"Works very well." Review by Huge (Posted on 5/2/14)

It works very well.

"worked great" Review by turtleshell (Posted on 4/29/14)

I was trying several other methods to start the siphoning process but this is by far the easiest.

"New design" Review by Daniel (Posted on 1/25/14)

I've used an older siphon with a slightly different size tubing and tip design. This newer version is easier to plunge without movement that disturbs the lees. The bigger diameter tubing is a little faster moving the wine in all operations.

"Doesn't fit in 1gal jug" Review by DP (Posted on 7/26/13)

I just broke mine over my knee after it wouldnt fit in my jug. Not much use for it.

"works great" Review by Bruce (Posted on 3/27/13)

In 2 pumps we had our wine flowing. No mess, easy clean up.

"Love this product" Review by pepper (Posted on 3/18/13)

I love this Siphon, wish I would have purchased one long ago.

"Works well for most applications" Review by Kenwood (Posted on 11/15/12)

I had a similar syphon that broke and bought this one as a replacement. The first one I believe from the same company would fit down the neck of a gallon jug. This one does not. It does work well in a bucket and a clamp would make it even better.

"like this product" Review by altort14 (Posted on 10/23/12)

worked very good no waste or mess

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