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Beer Bottle Cappers

Those beer bottle caps won't go on with force alone. To securely attach bottle caps to beer bottles, you need one of our beer bottle cappers. Easy to use and ergonomic, beer bottle cappers from E.C. Kraus have a magnet that securely holds the bottle cap in place. This frees up one hand for other aspects of home beer brewing bottling, like placing capped bottles in storage. Choose between handheld cappers and bottle cappers that can be mounted on a workbench in a beer equipment station.

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  1. Colonna Bench Capper

    Colonna Bench Capper

    • Allows you to put the bottle cap on with very little effort.
    • Has a hardened steel capper head for long life.
    • Will cap bottles from 4" tall to full-size champagne bottles.
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    Price: $69.95
  2. Red Barron Capper

    Red Barron Capper

    • Caps bottles with one swift continuous action.
    • Little effort is needed to apply the cap.
    • Has a magnetic cap holder so you can pre-load the unit.
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    Price: $26.20
  3. Professional, Heavy-Duty Bench Capper

    Professional, Heavy-Duty Bench Capper

    • The most impressive Bench capper on the Market.
    • Can be mounted to a bench.
    • Includes both American and European capper heads.
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    Regular Price: $214.00

    Special Price: $195.95

  4. Double-Lever Capper: Handheld

    Double-Lever Bottle Capper: Handheld

    • Incredible bottle capper for the price.
    • Sturdy design that caps bottles with minimal effort.
    • Does not leave indention in the cap like some cappers.
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    Price: $18.95

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