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Beer Tower: 1 Faucet / Chrome

Item Number: DF-FC210

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Price: $107.95
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  • This is a commercial-grade beer tower. Outstanding quality.

  • It's the exact same unit you will find in many of your neighborhood taverns.

  • Mounts to the top of your counter-top or on the top of a small refrigerator.

  • This draft beer tower is very quick and easy to install.

  • The bottom flange of the beer tower simply screws to the counter through the provide screw holes.

  • The screws are then hidden with a chrome collar that slide down over them.

  • A rubber gasket is included to keep spilled beer or counter cleaners from working its way under the tower's column.

  • The tower columns is insulated with styrofoam to help keep the beer cold and prevent the tower from sweating.

  • Column Dimensions: 11-3/4" tall, and 2-1/2" in diameter.

  • Overall Dimensions: Total height, with tap handle, is approximately 13-3/4". Flange collar is 3-3/4" diameter.


  • One Chrome Faucet with 3" Tap Handle: Attaches easily to the beer tower.

  • One 5' length of 3/16" I.D. Beer Line: The beer line is already attached to the shank inside the tower.

  • One Barbed Tail Piece with Winged Beer Nut: Both of these items are already on the beer line and ready to go.

  • One Beer Washer: This ensures you get a leak-proof seal to the keg tap.

  • One Rubber Gasket: Provides a seal between the beer tower's flange and your counter-top.

This Beer Tower comes with all the fittings you will need to attach it to a commercial beer keg tap. If you plan on using this Beer Tower with Cornelius-Style Kegs instead, you will also need to purchase the appropriate liquid Quick-Disconnect to fit your keg and a hose clamp. This will allow you to attach the Beer Tower's hose to your Cornelius-Style Kegs.

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