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Bench-Model Corker

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(CKR310) Made in Italy. Well suited for the home winemaker who is in need of an easier/faster method of corking wine bottles. You can cork up to 150 bottles an hour with this unit. Very well designed. It will insert a size 9 straight cork with little effort. Heavy metal construction with a 3 piece brass compressing iris for even compression of the cork on all sides, no cork damage. We recommend this unit for anyone who is bottling more than 5 or 10 gallons at a time.

Q Debbie(Waupaca, WI)
Wondering about your bench model corker, will it do synthetic as well as true corks? Does it adjust to different size bottles? And how easily does it do this.
The bench model corker can handle synthetic wine bottle corks. It is height adjustable. As for adjusting the height, there is a knob on the back that you have to unscrew, you then lift the corker to the height you want, and retighten the knob.

Q Ryan (Boca Raton, FL)
I was thinking about purchasing the Bench Model Corker. It states that it is adjustable, can you tell me what the lowest and highest settings are.
The lowest setting on the Bench Model Corker is approximately 9 inches and the highest is 14 inches.

Customer Reviews

"No Instructions" Review by bigfish (Posted on 11/23/15)

The corker works good.. The only problem was that it came with no instructions on how to use it. It took a while to figure it out.

"Bench mounted" Review by dc (Posted on 6/12/15)

I wanted to be able to cork while standing by a work bench. I screwed it onto the top of my work bench and it works great. So no bending over at all in the corking process.

"Very Satisfied" Review by Tim (Posted on 4/3/14)

This is a sturdy, quality made, heavy duty piece of equipment for my wine bottling. I'm glad I chose this corker! Perfect for my needs and reasonably priced. Can always count on E.C. Kraus!

"Perfect!" Review by Busch (Posted on 2/7/13)

I homebrew and do my wine making from a wheelchair and this was the perfect solution for corking my bottles.

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