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Big Daddy Dial Thermometer

Item Number: THM600

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  • This handy dial thermometer works great for keeping track of your brewing temperatures.

  • You can use it to track your mash, to monitor your temperature when boiling malt extract, or to bring sparge water to the correct temperature.

  • The 2 inch dial face is easy to read with clear temperature graduations and numbers, so you can take readings with a glance.

  • Gives temperatures in both Fahrenheit (0 to 220 F.) and Celsius (-17 to 104 C.)

  • The probe stem measures 9 inches long.

  • This dial thermometer easily attaches to the rim of any brew pot with a handy clip.

  • You can keep as much of the probe in the liquid as you like by adjusting the clip.

  • The clip also keeps the probe out of the way while you brew.
Q Kacie (Overland Park, KS)
Before I purchase the Big Daddy Dial Thermomter can you tell me if this a quick read thermometer?
The Big Daddy Dial Theremometer is not a quick read thermometer.

Customer Reviews

"big daddy dial themomter" Review by jacks mountain (Posted on 7/13/14)

no problem good item

"A must for brewing" Review by Billygarlic (Posted on 6/15/13)

Great for brewing,cooking or anything else. Has a long stem for deep pots,or containers. I already have 2, but need a few more for mutipule batches goiny at the same time. Well made. St Steel. Billygarlic

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