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Brew Canada Beer Kits: Canadian Pilsner

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Home Beer Brewing Kit


(BCA110) Each can of Brew Canada is 4.19 lbs. of concentrated, pre-boiled wort. Just dilute with water to 6 gallons, add 2.2 lbs. of sugar and ferment with the yeast that is provided. Each kit comes with simple directions that assumes you know absolutely nothing about the brewing process. Choose from 6 different homebrew kits. Each can makes 6 gallons of beer.

Brew Canada Beer Kits are expertly developed by professional Canadian brewmasters and patterned after Canada`s favorite commercial beers. Made with the finest tradional brewing ingredients including genuine concentrated brewing worts and fresh varietal hops to produce beers of outstanding quality.

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Canadian Pilsener
Bright gold in color with a light, delicate flavor and a well balanced fruity character.


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