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The Brew Hauler Carboy Carrier

Item Number: BW720

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Price: $14.85
  • An essential item for anyone who needs to safely move carboys.

  • Allows you to keep the carboy under your full control.

  • No more wet glass slipping from your hands.

  • The Brew Hauler makes it a much safer task.

  • Can easily and quickly be taken off one carboy and put onto the next.

  • Straps are adjustable to accommodate different sized carboys.

  • Works on carboys from 3 gallons to 7 gallons in volume, glass or plastic.

  • Straps are made of very coarse and rugged, polypropylene nylon.

  • Straps harness the carboy to create a comfortable cradle.

  • Can safely handle up to 100 pounds.

  • Invented by a home brewer for home brewers.

  • And, just as essential for home winemakers.

  • Will not work with: Gallon Size Jugs.

  • Carboy is not included.

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