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California Connoisseur: California Red

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[CC114] This is a lighter bodied red wine that is blended from several varieties of California grown grapes. It is very drinkable and goes well with everyday foods such as burgers and pasta. A fantastic blend of flavors that make for easy drinking. This 7.5 liter kit makes 6 gallons (30 bottles) of wine. All of the ingredients you will need are included in the kit and are pre-measured along with fool-proof directions.

ABOUT CALIFORNIA CONNOISSEUR: These kits are made from the finest grape concentrates California has to offer. They produce outstanding wines of distinctive character, worthy of recognition. In as little as 28 days you can create wines of impressive bouquet, flavor and structure.

SPECIAL SAVINGS: Order 2 or more juices in any brand, any combination, at the same time and receive a 10% discount on both of them! Your discount will automatically be applied when the second juice is ordered.


Customer Reviews

"My kind of wine" Review by Wineman (Posted on 5/22/16)

This is the 4rd time I have made this Red wine. The past 2 times was great. This one is now in the aging phase but sure looks good. Hard to wait on it. I know I don't need to age it, but I like it better after about 6 months.

"Easy drinking wine" Review by lovehorses100 (Posted on 10/27/13)

Easy to make and very nice early drinking wine. I do add a little more sugar or corn syrup. But good going by recipe also.

"Very good" Review by David (Posted on 6/2/13)

This was my first ever kit. It turned out well. It was drinkable every early. Patience is something I don't have much of. It is all gone now so I am going to reorder.

"ok" Review by son of lar (Posted on 5/17/13)

I thought this would be better. Early taste was not good and had an odd aftertaste. After 5 weeks it became ok. I would give it 3 stars but it may become pretty good after 3 months or so based on how it is improving. If you want an early drinker I prefer the bergamis or vieux chateau as I have made both and they are great.

"First Time " Review by James (Posted on 2/9/13)

This is the first time I have made this wine. I followed the directions exactly. I even added potassium metabisulfite (like the directions say) so I could store it more than 6 months. No Way!! This turned out great and will not last that long.

"I'll buy it again" Review by Mick (Posted on 10/20/12)

I enjoyed the Cal Red. I don't follow the receipy simply because I like to do my own thing. I add sugar and rack at 4 months, and bottle at 8-12 months. I find it softer and smoother.

"Great lighter fare red wine " Review by Warren W (Posted on 7/19/12)

The California Red has been a favorite of mine and many friends. I have made it 3-4 times and have had great results each time.

"Light and easy table wine." Review by Bill (Posted on 5/24/12)

Best red wine I have been able to get consistent quality. Easy to drink and goes well with most foods.

"Easy drinking light bodied red wine" Review by Barkhousebob (Posted on 2/28/12)

This California Red is a great kit to make to impress your friends that don't like the shutter of a full bodied wine. If you are trying to learn to like the taste of a red wine, this is an easy drinking wine that pairs well with most anything.

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