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California Connoisseur: Gewurztraminer

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[CC309] (Geh-VERTZ-trah-mee-nur) This California version of this classic German wine has a deep straw color. Its aroma is similar to that of raisins with some noticeable hits of anise and mint. Very spicy. Its flavors are intensely fruity and instantly bring to mind: apples, pears and grapefruit. Some cinnamon flavors as well. This 7.5 liter kit makes 6 gallons (30 bottles) of wine. All of the ingredients you will need are included in the kit and are pre-measured along with fool-proof directions.

ABOUT CALIFORNIA CONNOISSEUR: These kits are made from the finest grape concentrates California has to offer. They produce outstanding wines of distinctive character, worthy of recognition. In as little as 28 days you can create wines of impressive bouquet, flavor and structure.

SPECIAL SAVINGS: Order 2 or more juices in any brand, any combination, at the same time and receive a 10% discount on both of them! Your discount will automatically be applied when the second juice is ordered.


Customer Reviews

"excellent" Review by gee (Posted on 12/6/15)

All the German whites we purchase, whether Gewurztraminer, Riesling or Liebfraumilch the are all the best there are. We couldn't possibly say anymore positives than that as when we go out to many restaurants we have yet to find any that come even close to our own.

"Love it" Review by Ken (Posted on 6/30/15)

This wine is excellent, love it and you will also

"What a great wine" Review by bvksg (Posted on 2/11/15)

I used to buy this by the bottle in the store and liked it but thought it was a little on the sweet side so we decided to buy this kit so we could control the sweetness and what a difference a wonderfully smooth wine.

"Outstanding" Review by Ken (Posted on 10/16/13)

California Connoisseur: Gewurztraminer very consistant from container to container. Friends continue to tell me that the California Connoisseru brand is some of the best they have ever tasted and some of these freinds think nothhing of spending over $50 for a bottle of wine in our Pennsylvania State run Stores.

"Favorite" Review by gee (Posted on 1/4/13)

All the German white wines we purchase, wether Gewurztraminer, Riesling or Liebfraumilch are the best there are. We couldn't possibly say anymore than this - when we go out to eat and order wine we have never been more satisfied with OUR OWN as we haven't found a wine that we like as much

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