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Carapils® Malt: Briess / 1 lb.

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[GN115] This is a brand name dextrin malt that is used specifically for adding body or mouth-feel to the beer. It also contributes to the beer's foam by giving it better head retention. Carapils® adds little to no color to the beer and only indirectly affects the beers flavor by giving it a longer finish. It can be used freely in any beer recipe where a fuller palate is desired without adding more color.

  • Grain Type: Caramel / Crystal / Cara
  • Approximate Lovibonds: 1.3°
  • Origin: United States

Customer Reviews

"A great addition" Review by LeSinge (Posted on 10/11/16)

I use Carapils freely in most of my beers, unless they are specialist ales that use other ingredients to achieve the same end. In my IPAs or Smash beers to test hops, this gives them a better body than I would achieve with just the base Malts but doesn't affect the taste or colour. This allows me to see what the hop or additional malts are like without making flat beer.

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