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Steam Freak Beermaking Kit: Buddy Light (Clone)

Item Number: KT212 115

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(SFK115) This is a clone beer ingredient kit for making the every-present Bud Light. This is a crystal-clear pale, yellow color beer that has an extremely drinkable flavor. The hops are there but extremely moderate. The flavor is dry, crisp and lends itself to being a thirst quenching type of beer.

This Steam Freak Beermaking Kit (KT212) is a home beer making kit that contains all of the essential homebrewing equipment and beer making supplies you will need to start making beer at home. This home brewing kit contains the same quality homebrewing equipment that you can purchase individually from us, only now grouped together at a special discounted price. This Steam Freak Beermaking Kit is perfect for any beginning homebrewer. The best part about this kit is that it comes with a specific beer recipe that applies exactly to the beer making supplies in front of you.

This Home Beer Brewing Kit Contains:

Complete and Specific Directions
1 - Complete Joy Of Homebrewing Book
1 - 6 Gal. Screw-Top Fermenter (Comes with airlock, stopper, and faucet)
1 - 5 Gal. Plastic Carboy (Comes with airlock, stopper, and faucet)
1 - Triple Scale Hydrometer
1 - 21" Curved Racking Cane
1 - 6' Length of 3/8" Vinyl Hose
1 - Double Lever Capper
1 - Beer Bottle Brush
1 - Racking Cane Clip
1 - 8" Floating Thermometer
1 - Basic A No Rinse Cleanser
1 - 24" Stirring Spoon
1 - Steam Freak Kit (Make your choice above)


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