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CO2 Manifold: 2 Outlet

Item Number: DF-MN120

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  • A CO2 manifold or distributor allows you to have one CO2 tank with multiple kegs.

  • This particular manifold gives you the ability to have two kegs on one CO2 tank.

  • A manifold can act as a gas line splitter with both home brew draft systems and commercial kegerators.

  • Either beer line can be turned off individually without interrupting the flow to other keg.

  • These individual shut-offs give you the ability to swap-out or fix kegs without depressurizing your entire kegging system.

  • Each beer line also has a check valve that stops the beer from flowing backwards.

  • This eliminates the chance of beer accidentally flowing from one keg to other.

  • Check valves also keep beer from contaminating your gas lines and from backing up into your CO2 regulator.

  • All the gas lines attach to this CO2 manifold by sliding them onto the 3/8" barbed stems. Then clamping them down.

  • A 3/8" barb makes a nice tight fit for standard 5/16" I.D. gas line.

  • Keep your draft system nice and tidy. The CO2 Manifold has screw holes so it can be mounted to a wall if you'd like.

  • You can also connect more than one of these CO2 manifold systems together by replacing the end cap with a pip union.

  • As your drafts system grows, your manifold system can grow along with it.

  • The CO2 manifold, itself, is made of extruded aluminum.

  • The ball-valve shut-offs and check valve are made of chrome-plated solid brass. The levers are rubberized.

  • The manifold inlet and end cap are made solid brass.

  • Dimensions: 5-7/8" long, 3-3/8" tall and 1-3/4" deep.

A CO2 manifold cannot deliver more than one pressure at a time. This is because the manifold is working off the same CO2 regulator. If you need more than one dispensing pressure, this can be accomplished with our Triple Gauge Regulator (Item: DF-RG330).

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