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Wine Ingredient Kits

Browse through the highest quality wine ingredient kits at E.C. Kraus. These wine kits come complete with every ingredient you will need to start your home wine making journey. All kits include free shipping. Order 2 or more wine ingredient kits at the same time and get 10% off both of them! They are not cheap wine kits. They are of the highest quality, from select regions around the world. each kit averages about 6 gallons or 30 bottles of wine made right from the comfort of your own home. These brands of wine ingredient kits are guaranteed to make your taste buds jump and impress your friends as you enjoy your first taste of your homemade wine.
  • Atmosphere

    (18 Products)

  • California Connoisseur Kits

    (22 Products)

  • Cellar Craft Showcase

    (19 Products)

  • Cellar Craft Specialty

    (4 Products)

  • Cellar Craft Sterling

    (12 Products)

  • Cheeky Monkey Kits

    (12 Products)

  • European Select Kits

    (10 Products)

  • KenRidge Classic Kits

    (14 Products)

  • KenRidge Showcase Kits

    (8 Products)

  • Legacy Premium Blend Kits

    (17 Products)

  • Mangrove Jack Premium Cider Kits

    (4 Products)

  • Niagara Mist Fruit Blend Kits

    (13 Products)