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County Fair Fruit Base: Concord

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(CF101) A hearty variety of Concord cultivated specifically for winemaking. Use 1 to 4 cans to 5 gallons to make your wine either light and crisp or bold and heavy. This product comes complete with directions. Also calls for Campden Tablets, Acid Blend, Yeast Nutrient, Pectic Enzyme, and Yeast. (Not included)

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Customer Reviews

"My basic wine" Review by Forester (Posted on 8/20/15)

I have been making this wine for a number of years. I use one can for six gallons adding 10 pounds of sugar. I have never had any problem with this concentrate and when it finishes at about 0.990 and add a little sugar syrup to take off the edge. John S.

"The only wine I make now." Review by Tony (Posted on 3/15/15)

I use 2 cans of the concentrate, and add approx. 6 lbs. of sugar. I also use 5 liters (of what used to be gallons) of spring water and get a wine that I like. I use Red Star Montrachet yeast. Sometimes I do not add anything else, such as yeast nutrient, to the mix and all turns out well. One day will try 3 cans of the concentrate to see if I like the difference.

"Success with one can of concord Couny Fair" Review by John (Posted on 4/30/14)

I have made several batches of County Fair Concord wine using just one can. I do like a heavy wine, so one can does quite well. I add 10 lbs. of sugar to the mix and it finishes at a sg reading of 0.990 so I add 1-2 oz if sweetner back to take the edge off. I and my friends enjoy the result.

"8 gallons turned out great" Review by Donny D (Posted on 2/4/14)

This was my first batch of Concord grape wine. I actually added too much sugar to my 5 gallon must .... extended it to 8 gallons ,and it was fine. I'm actually going to this flavor again !

"Nice Red." Review by Carleen (Posted on 8/19/13)

My first attempt came out quite well, very close to my friends Concord they make from their own grapes. I made a heavy wine, using 4 cans for 6 gallons, and doubled the alcohol content. It's a hit with everyone who drinks it. I aged it less than 6 months. I am now on my second batch and using the medium receipe. Cheers.

"It makes a wine that I enjoy." Review by Mike (Posted on 7/7/13)

I like a simple red wine and have found after many batches that Concord County Fair Fruit Base was relatively inexpensive, and made a red wine that I enjoy. I do add an ounce and a half of honey to a 1,75 liter bottle of aged wine (about a year) just prior to drinking to give it the hint of sweetness that I like. I have also learned that the enjoyment of anything and that includes wine is very subjective and while I enjoy this wine you may prefer something else. But Isn't that why we enjoy making our own wine so that we can tailor it to our own tastes?

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