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De-Gassing / Mixing Paddle

Item Number: PAD510

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(PAD510) Used for dispersing CO2 gas from newly fermented wines without stirring air back into them. Mixes without splashing. Also effective for mixing together ingredients when preparing new batches. Mounts to an electric drill for effortless stirring. Has hinged, fly-out paddles that allow it to fit into small, carboy openings when it is not spinning. Very durable. Made of steel and plastic. 24 inches long.

Q Rich (Bald Knob, AR)
I have a question concerning the this product. How long do the wings extend when spinning and what size shaft diameter does it have? Also, will it fit into a one gallon glass jug?
The wing span is 5 inches. The shaft diameter is approximately .5 inches. And it will not fit into a one gallon glass jug.

Customer Reviews

"good" Review by john (Posted on 10/16/16)

Used once worked good

"Must have" Review by Ace (Posted on 11/18/15)

Great time and labor saver.

"Well build " Review by Biker (Posted on 11/18/15)

This new paddle seems to be designed much better than the old ones. Great design on the upper shaft that fits in the drill.

"Great so far!" Review by Bruce (Posted on 5/26/14)

Have used it one time, and it worked as advertised. Use a moderate speed on your drill, and reverse the direction a couple of times to get a good degassing.

"plastic breaks with use" Review by mewilli (Posted on 12/3/13)

After just a half dozen batch's of wine, the plastic stop on the paddle end broke. then the plastic flyout becomes stuck and is hard to remove from the carboy. I'm looking for a better made product.

"exellent" Review by joe (Posted on 11/12/13)

worked great with fairly slow to medium drill speed and I was careful not to go too fast or the wine would come out of the top of the carboy. it took about 10 seconds and I was satisfied with the mixing. the only draw back is the blades need to be pushed into my carboys, they seem to be just a bit oversize.

"Worked good" Review by Campo (Posted on 2/25/13)

Worked real well and quick. Wine started releasing gas and foaming right away. Used it to mix in my bentonite. Work good for this to.

"Almost worked too good." Review by Barry (Posted on 1/29/13)

I have only used once on a cab. It started foaming the wine quickly. Had to stop because all the foam. I like it. Its easy to use and seems to do a good job.

"Great so far!" Review by Mike (Posted on 1/9/13)

Requires a higher speed than 3-prong whips to start degassing, but is much more effective once it does. Unfortunately, I did this in my carboy the first time with a little too much wine in it. Lesson learned--use your wine thief to take the level down a bit first.

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