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Escali: Mercado Dial Scale / Stainless-Steel

Item Number: SCL110

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Price: $39.95
  • Very handy for both the winemaker or home brewer.

  • Ideal scale for weighing sugar, grains, fruit, etc

  • Industrial-grade spring scale made with solid, stainless-steel construction.

  • Also includes handy, stainless-steel bowl that is removable.

  • Can handle weights up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms.

  • Gives readings in both pounds and kilograms.

  • Accurate: measures in increments of 1 oz. or 20 grams.

  • Features an accurate, easy-to-read face that has a no-glare finish.

  • The dial is encased under a shatterproof cover and sealed tight for a long clean life.

  • Zero Weight Adjustment: allows you to weigh ingredients without weighing their container.

  • Dimensions: 10" tall, 8" wide, 8.5" deep.

  • Escali model DS115B

Customer Reviews

"pretty good" Review by corkybob (Posted on 11/18/13)

I was weighing my ingredience with an old produce scale. This scale is a lot more accurate than the one I had.

"Nice!" Review by EDDMHP (Posted on 8/11/13)

I have a smaller scale that you could place anything on, set 'zero' and go from there. The problem was I could only measure about 2.5 pounds at a time then. This is so much better. I can still set 'zero' (there is a small adjustment knob) but now I can see MORE.

"excellent scale for the money" Review by Scrub (Posted on 9/12/12)

Before I got the scale, measurements were often a wild guess. Although it only measures up to eleven lbs.that is enough to cover most recipes. The dual scale is handy when weights are listed in kilos instead of pounds. An essential piece of equipment for the serious home wine/brewmaster..

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