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Escali: Alimento Digital Scale

Item Number: SCL230

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  • The Alimento digital scale is extremely accurate.

  • Works as well for measuring ounces of hops as it does pounds of fruit.

  • It's just as appropriate for laboratory use as it is for home brewing or wine making.

  • Measures up to either 13.2 lbs or 6000 grams.

  • Has a fast readout that displays in several different modes quickly.

  • Reads in Kilograms/Grams, Pounds/Ounces, Straight Ounces, Straight Grams & Pounds in decimals.

  • Measures in 0.1 ounce or 1 gram increments.

  • It is well built with an attractive design that is spill-proof and mess-free.

  • Its big, easy-to-read display is backlit and completely sealed.

  • Its easy, soft-touch buttons are sealed as well.

  • A very easy scale to clean.

  • Also features a removable, stainless steel platform.

  • Has a zero weight adjustment, so you can weigh ingredients without weighing their container.

  • Automatic Shut-off feature ensures long battery life.

  • Uses one 9 volt battery. (Included)

  • Also Available: Optional A/C Wall Adapter accessory.

  • Includes an easy-to-use operations manual.

  • Dimensions 3.75" tall, 7.00" wide, 9.75" deep.

  • Escali model 136DK

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