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The Sampler (Wine Thief)

Item Number: THF310

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(THF310) This is a very helpful wine thief that allows you to quickly take hydrometer readings from your fermenter with no siphoning or pouring. Just submerge the tube into your wine or beer and lift it back out. A one-way valve will automatically lock your sample in the tube. Now you can float your hydrometer inside the tube to take mess-free readings. When you're done just depress the Fermentation Sampler's special relief valve against the side of your fermenter to return the sample. No waste. It is 20 inches long. Works with all our hydrometers except the Precision Finish Hydrometer, Item #HY410. Hydrometer is not included.

Q Luke (Knoxville, IA)
Does your FERMENTATION SAMPLER (THF310) fit 1 gallon carboys?
No, it does not.

Q Alejandro (Palm Beach, FL)
What is the inner diameter of your Fermentation Sampler? I am just wondering if it would fit my hydrometer.
The inside diameter of our fermentation sampler is 3/4".

Customer Reviews

"we love it" Review by annrandr (Posted on 7/8/16)

We are starting to work with 50 gallon tanks and for the fermentation when we have the top off, this perfect. Easy to use. fills right up and so we can easily take readings, then easy to empty.

"so so" Review by sweetjack (Posted on 11/1/15)

When it works it does just fine.I have had problems getting a full sample and with drips as others have stated. A heavier "stopper" might help.Stil, a good product for the price.

"excellent tool" Review by John (Posted on 4/2/15)

I've used this thief for more than 5 yrs to grab enough must to check gravity etc. Very easy to use. Previous review regarding drips underscores need to ensure liquid doesn't have seeds or pulp fragments which can screw up the valve. I use a strainer if I need to measure liquid with floating debris.

"Dont waste your time" Review by Kyle (Posted on 1/29/15)

What a gimmick, don't waste your money. Tried to take a sample from a full 3 gallon carboy and could only get 3 inches in the tube. Better yet, once I was able to get a sample, it dripped. Not what I expected.

"Easy to use" Review by Bruce (Posted on 3/27/13)

It is easy to use and read hydromitor in side. Easy to take samples.

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