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Portuguese Floor-Model Corker

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(CKR410) The Floor Corker is made in Portugal. It is well suited for the home winemaker who is in need of an easier/faster method of corking wine bottles. A single person can cork up to 150 bottles an hour with this unit. Very well designed. It will insert a size 9 straight cork with little effort. Utilizes a three piece iris for even compression of the cork on all sides, no cork damage. We recommend this unit for anyone who is bottling more than 5 or 10 gallons at a time. This floor-corker can accommodate bottles as short as 9.50 inches high and as tall as 14 inches.

Q Robert (Orrtanna, PA)
What kind of material is the three piece iris made of?
The three piece iris is made of hard nylon.

Q Steve (Slidell, LA)
I was wondering if the floor mounted unit is tall because the picture looks like you will be bending over to operate it or could this unit be mounted on a bench?
The total height of this wine bottle corker with the handle down is 2`1". If used on the floor, you would have to bend down to operate it. It can be mounted to a bench or a table.

Q Nate (Cape Girardeau, MO)
I Just received my floor mounted corker from Portugal (from you). Can you tell me how to adjust the bottle stand for different style or type of bottles? I can`t seem to be able to move this one at all, but it has a spring like it`s suppose to move????
This bottle corker is very versatile. Just simply pull the handle all the way up and you will be able to move the stand.

Q Kevin (Penfield, PA)
Can you happen to tell me how tall a bottle will fit in the floor corker? I would like to buy one but not sure if the wine bottles I have will fit.
The tallest wine bottle that can be corked with the Floor Corker is 13.5 inches. A typical 750 ml wine bottle is between 11 and 12 inches tall.

Customer Reviews

"O.k." Review by bobcat (Posted on 3/29/13)

Haven't used it yet to see how it will stand up. Tried it out on one empty bottle and works o.k East ti set, but hans no lock on setting screw so am concerned if it will stay set. No way to add lock unless I cut the end and install nut, then would have to add pad on end. I did that for my neighbor and were able to get it to lock

"What a great product for the price!" Review by Ron (Posted on 11/5/12)

This is my second one in a row. The first one I used for over 7,000 bottlings. The upper part came out of adjustment and I was too lazy to take it apart and adjust. I gave it to a friend who is now using it to bottle his wine, and the new one is perking along. In fact, it was $50 less than when I bought the first one three years ago.

"an excellant machine" Review by goomis (Posted on 6/21/12)

I have used this model corker for 14 years now and am very pleased. Corks do not have to be boiled although slightly moistening them makes it work easier. It instantly self-adjusts for different bottle heights from standard to magnum size and is very easy to use. I think their estimate of 150 bottles an hour is extremely conservative.

"Overall a very good corker!" Review by Majik (Posted on 6/21/12)

This corker beats the hand corkers hands down. The price here of $96.50 is a bit high. I paid $55 for mine new. Bought it from a local wine cellar. Exact same product. It really does make corking wine easy. I bottle over a hundred bottles per season and will always have this corker clean and ready when the bubbling is done!

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