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Gilda Compression Corker

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(CKR120) This hand held corker is of excellent design. It utilizes a 4 piece iris that compresses the cork equally from 4 directions. This corker works on the same principal as our larger bench and floor model corkers. Requires little effort to use. It has an adjustable depth setting. If you do not have the space for our larger corkers this would be your next best choice. Size #9 Straight Corks are recommended for this corker. Will put in other sizes as well. Can't be used with synthetic corks.

Q Dave (Morrilton, AR)
Can a size #10 cork be used with the Gilda Corker?
The #10 cork is the largest size cork that will fit in the opening of the Gilda Corker and can be inserted into a bottle with the Gilda Corker. However, the standard size wine bottle will take a #8 or a #9 straight cork.

Q Linda (California, MD)
Before ordering this product, I would like some information about the Hand Corker. The last time we made wine, we used a friend`s floor model corker. I would like to know if the Hand corker is easy to operate. We will have about 40 bottles to cork.
The Hand Corker takes more strength to use than the floor corker and is more difficult to use. First you put the cork in the corker. There are two handles that you have to pull together to compress the cork. You then rest the corker on top of the bottle and pull down on a third handle (plunger) which pushes the cork into the bottle.

Q William (Aptos, CA)
I have a question about the Gilda Compression Hand Corker I purchased. It has adjustable depth setting, how do I set this and where would I find it’s location. Thank you for your help.
Yes, the depth setting may be adjusted. There is a circular part that comes off of the top of the corker that the plunger goes into. You can pull up on that part and turn it. There are 3 depths to choose from. Once you pull up on it, simply turn it. There are basically what looks like steps that go around it. And you can set it on the lowest, middle or highest.

Customer Reviews

"excellent product" Review by rick (Posted on 8/14/15)

This corker works flawlessly with the #9 cork. This is my first time use and i am happy i purchased the Gilda corker.

"A better corker" Review by Rompy (Posted on 3/18/15)

This is a better corker than the one I had. My old one pinched the top of the cork as it was being shoved down a funnel shaped hole. This one squeezes the cork and then shoves it into the bottle without pinching it.

"Excelent Unit" Review by Frederick (Posted on 11/29/13)

I have been using this unit for a number of years with out any problem. I grow my own concord grapes and depending upon the weather (rain, temp, water type) to name a few, each batch is diffrent. This compresser is excelent i have done over 800 bottles and never had a problem. food for thought, make sure you steam your corks for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It makes them very easy to compress. I store my bottles upside down for the first week and give a little push on the bottom every day to keep all the corks even. Then on to the rack in the celler. I will be buying a new one shortly, as my oldest son barrowed mine.

"Mostly like it" Review by John (Posted on 8/8/13)

I have used this corker for the past several years with no problems. I normally use the #9 Superior Grade corks, but thought I'd give the #9 Extra First Grade Straight corks a try. These don't work as well with this corker. About 1 in 10 corks will stop 1/2" short of fully seating in the bottle. I have a few in every batch I must either remove and replace or razor blade off. These corks are harder to compress and require more effort to insert.

I will keep the corker but return to using the Superior Grade corks.

By the way, I was unable to find any depth adjustment on this corker.

"Wine corker" Review by Frank (Posted on 7/8/13)

Very happy with the speed this corker places the corks in the bottles. Although it requires little effort to compress the handles. I think it would be difficult for someone with arthritis or carpal tunnel to use the product.

"Right Price - Heed warnings about usage" Review by dtbrey (Posted on 5/30/13)

I purchased one of these a couple years ago and after about 70-bottles of use (over that two years) I broke the short linkage that provides the needed pivot point. This occurred right in the middle of bottling a 30-bottle batch so I needed to fabricate a new linkage to finish my batch.

I will be buying a new model that is better suited to heavier use. If you are bottling a half dozen bottles at a time this works great, but beyond that spend a few bucks more.

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