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Homebrew Draft System

Item Number: DF-KT110

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Price: $295.95
  • Put your homebrewed beers and homemade soda pop on tap.

  • This system carbonates and dispenses with very minimal effort.

  • The keg holds 5 gallons and easily fits in a spare refrigerator.

  • Keg your homebrew in just a matter of minutes, including clean-up.

  • In 3 or 4 days your homebrewed beer is conditioned ready to drink.

  • All the equipment is new, commercial-grade and built to last.

  • You can easily add additional kegs or upgrade your faucet at anytime.

  • Very simple to use. Comes with complete directions.


  • Cornelius-Style Keg: Completely new A.E.B brand from Italy, holds 5 Gallons. Dimensions: 25-1/4" Tall 8-3/8" diameter.

  • 5 lb CO2 Bottle: Must be shipped empty, but can be filled at any fire extinguisher company. Dimensions: 17-3/4 Tall, 5-1/4" Diameter.

  • CO2 Regulator: Dual-gauge, shows the pressure in both the CO2 Bottle and the keg. Also has a shut-off valve with a barbed stem.

  • 4' of Vinyl Gas Tubing: Smooth and clear with an inside diameter of 5/16".

  • 6' of Vinyl Beer Tubing: Smooth and clear with an inside diameter of 3/16".

  • 3 Stainless-Steel Hose Clamps.

  • 2 Quick-Disconnect: Allows you to quickly connect and disconnect your tubing to and from the keg.

  • Picnic Squeeze Faucet.

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