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How to Make Wine

Ready to channel your inner winemaker? You're in luck! Our simple seven-step wine making guide will show you exactly how you can make wine at home. Click into each step for more details, or download our infographic.

Step 1
Crush the Fruit

Prepare the wine making produce by cutting, busting skins, and chopping the fruit. Also, any large pits should be removed.

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Step 2
Mix the Fermenter

Stir together some of the ingredients. Collect any pulp and submerge the bag. Add water to equal the batch to 5 gallons. Then add 5 crushed up Campden Tablets.

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Step 3

Cover the fermenter with a thin, clean towel and wait 24 hours.

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Step 4
Add Yeast

Sprinkle the wine yeast over the surface of the juice and then cover with a thin, clean towel. Allow this to ferment for 5 to 7 days.

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Step 5
Remove Pulp

After 5 to 7 days remove the pulp from the fermenter and discard.

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Step 6

Attach a wine airlock and fill it approximately half-way with water. Allow the juice to ferment for an additional 4-6 week period.

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Step 7

Once the wine has cleared, siphon it off of the sediment again. Stir in 5 crushed Campden Tablets and then bottle.

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More Info
Download Infographic

For more information, download our infographic detailing each step of the wine making process.


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