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Iodophor: BTF Sanitizer

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  • Iodophor is a popular sanitizer used among homebrewers that works just as well for sanitizing winemaking equipment.

  • It is completely safe to use on glass, plastics, stainless-steel and other metals.

  • And, Iodophor is easy on the hands.

  • It's an iodine based sanitizer that is odorless and tasteless.

  • Iodophor is completely safe and requires no rinsing when used as directed.

  • Just mix with water and allow 2 minutes of contact time, and allow to air-dry.

  • Iodophor leaves no residues. It dissipates as a gas.

  • You will see little to no spotting, filming or streaking. Making it a great all-around sanitizer.

  • This 4 ounce bottle of Iodophor is enough to make 40 gallons of sanitizing solution.

  • Comes with complete directions

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