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Mountmellick Beer Kit: FAMOUS IRISH STOUT

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(MM110) These 4 pound malt kits are each produced from a unique, secret blend of roasted 2-row, malted barley and a choice selection of English, full resin hops. All balanced to recreate four traditional styles of Irish beers. Each can makes up to 5 gallons. Comes with complete directions. Yeast is included. Calls for: Corn Sugar or Dried Malt Extract and water. A Finishing hop is recommended if boiling for more than 15 minutes.

Customer Reviews

"Good to start with." Review by S C Brooks (Posted on 3/16/13)

I have found this kit excellent to start with in beginning brewing. As a novice brewer, this particular kit gives some breathing room for expansion. yes I brewed my first batch by direction and out came a very good first brew. I also did other similar can kits. This is a great base for a bourbon stout, by adding an ECK bourbon additive, or a vanilla nut flavor with a few extracts, ETC. Remember its a kit, if want to drink a kit, its fine enough. But it puts in you in an excellent starting position if you want to add your own touch to make a unique and refreshing stout.

"Taste Good but..." Review by Piwo (Posted on 12/23/11)

This extract produces one tasty brew. It is prehopped, but barely. The directions say to use 1 can for 3.5 to 5 gallons, and add extra hops if desired. Additional directions suggested that if you wanted a stronger beer, that you used two cans for 5 gallons. I used 2 cans for 5 gallons and then added 1 once of cascade hops for a 20 minute boil. The final product was delicious, just didn't like how one batch that I thought would have cost me less than $20, ended up costing me nearly $45.

*also, i was also disappointed that i thought I would be getting a strong beer by adding 2 cans to 5 gallons. It ended up only reaching 4.6% by the end of it's fermentation.

All in all, it was simple enough to make, and did taste good enough. I would recommend this extract to beginner brewers.
*In the mean time, I'll be trying to create my own stout, from grain, hopefully close to the same taste as this one.

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