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Niagara Mist: Sangria Zinfandel Blush

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Niagara Mist: Sangria Zinfandel Blush


[NM662] (Sang-GREE-uh Zin-fahn-DELL) This sweet and easy drinking summertime wine is a medley of fruits blended with the jammy flavors of the Zinfandel grape. Your nose will be enlightened by scents of orange, lemon and lime that marries with the flavors of berries and cherries on the tongue. A sensational sipper with will balanced sweet, fruity flavors! A great brunch beverage! This 7.5 kg. kit makes 6 gallons (30 bottles) of wine. All of the ingredients you will need are included in the kit, and are pre-measured along with fool-proof directions.

ABOUT NIAGARA MIST: Uniquely refreshing wine beverages with a bold splash of fruit. Niagara Mist combines famous wine varietals with sassy fruit flavors. Delightfully light and refreshing combinations that are perfect for any occasion. Ready in as little as 28 days.

SPECIAL SAVINGS: Order 2 or more juices in any brand, any combination, at the same time and receive a 10% discount on both of them! Your discount will automatically be applied when the second juice is ordered.


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