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One Step No-Rinse Cleanser: 8 oz.

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(PS370) Requires no rinsing. Just wash in solution and you're ready. Perfect for cleaning glass bottles, jugs and carboys. Also safe for sanitizing aluminum, stainless steel, other metals and plastics. Sanitize your spoons, hoses, hydrometers and other equipment--even counter tops. Cleans with environmentally-safe oxygen. Contains no chlorine. bisulfite, organic compounds or phosphates. Use 1 tablespoon to each gallon of water. One 8 ounce jar makes 16 gallons of solution. Comes with directions.

Q Larry (Clearwater, KS)
Can the One Step No Rinse Cleanser be used as a sanitizer?
Yes, it is both a cleanser and a sanitizer.

Q Mark (Laredo, TX)
Concerning the One Step No Rinse Cleanser, can you please tell me, after making up a gallon of cleanser, is it okay to save it for another use, or should it be poured out after first use?
You cannot save it for another use. Any left over should be discarded.

Customer Reviews

"One Step" Review by Echota (Posted on 2/22/15)

One Step makes one of the hardest jobs easy when it comes to sanitizing wine equipment.

"Great product" Review by Gary! (Posted on 6/30/14)

I use this product exclusively to sanitize my wine-making equipment. I've used other types but they all require a through rinsing after sanitizing. This is much easier since it doesn't require rinsing. Highly recommend this product.

"Excellent product" Review by Need_more_time (Posted on 6/18/14)

I use One Step each and every time I think of getting close to my wine. Be it Must, or finished product. It works. By-the-way, It's easy.

"Bugs no more" Review by Georgeous (Posted on 11/25/13)

This stuff kills bad guys and keeps them dead, allowing the good guys to do their work. In other words, sterilize with this and you will not have a bad fermentation.

"Great sanitizer" Review by Diana (Posted on 11/6/13)

I really like this product. It's quick and easy. I also do quite a bit of canning, so I appreciate having it for that. I have made about 8 wine batches so far and have never had a contamination issue. Great, affordable solution for sanitizing needs. And the container size is perfect for accommodating measuring spoons.

""No Side Stepping"" Review by chef d (Posted on 10/23/13)

No" Side Steppin' ", this stuff works and works well. No joke.

"Never had a spoiled batch of wine " Review by Vino (Posted on 7/4/13)

I keep thinking one day a bacteria is going to get into the wine I am making but so far so good. I think the One step cleanser can take the credit.

"I like it." Review by Jim (Posted on 4/16/13)

I don't see anywhere on the packaging where this cleans and sanitizes. I have used this a few batches now and find it easy, quick and a good cleanser. No problems. I do sanitize after cleaning with sodium bisulfite and citric acid just in case but I don't think you need to.

"No-Rinse is the Best" Review by Sheila (Posted on 2/27/13)

When I found out about this product when watching a youtube on making wine - I would not stop searching till I found the no-rinse Cleanser and I am glad I did. Saves so much time. Very happy

"new-be mistake" Review by Thomas (Posted on 12/12/12)

ok so I'm working on my 1st endevor to brew soda pop, I was ordering lots of flavors & other supplies when in the heat of the battle I didnt look at how many gallons of rinse this product made, it just looked like a small pouch in the picture, you know enough for 1 use, so I ordered 15. when I opened the box I was like OMG! what has UPS wrought. anyway my plans are to expand the operation to wine making. Cheers !

"So easy to rinse needed!" Review by Excellent! (Posted on 12/10/12)

I have only had good experiences with One Step. It simplifies the process of sanitizing everything!

"very good " Review by chess (Posted on 9/13/12)

like the simplicity of it.

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