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Hanna Checker Digital pH Meter

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Hanna Checker Digital pH Meter


(PH410) This hand-held, pocket pH meter is perfect for taking quick, accurate readings of both wine and beer. It will read all pH levels from 0.0 to 14.0. Hanna model: HI 98103.

Quick & Accurate: In just a few short seconds you can take readings that are accurate down to the tenth of a pH.

Portable: It`s completely portable. Runs on two 1.5 volt button batteries (included) that will last for approximately 3,000 hours of operation time.

Easy Calibration: This unit comes with a calibration kit for easy, two-point calibration -- good for one calibration. You can purchase additional calibration kits.

Q Gopal (Hazlehurst, MS)
How often will recalibration be required?
The longer the amount of time between uses the less accurate a pH meter will become, but each pH meter is different. Each time you calibrate, take note of how far off 7.0 the pH meter was. Write it down along with the date. After a few times you will get a feel for how much time you can allow between calibrations base on how far off the pH meter was over x number of days.

Q Doyle (Lindsay, OK)
Regarding your digital pH meter (PH410) -- will this meter take the place of the acid testing kit? In other words, will this meter take readings in preparing must?
You can use this for taking readings of your must, but it is not the same reading as the acid test kit. pH measures all the acids in a wine. The acid test kit tests the tasteable acids of a wine. The two measures are not comparable and cannot be converted into one another.

Q Emily (Clinton, MO)
What kind of probe does your digital hand held pH meter have?
The sensing electrode is a small little bulb, similar to a light bulb.

Q Bill (Oostburg, WI)
I purchased a PH meter from you so I could check the acid in the wine I make from grapes I grow. The catalog said the meter would come with full instructions,yes it did for operation of the meter, but not what readings I should look for in my wine. Some of the things I have read give the acid content in percentages. Am I right in converting PH readings to percent that PH 7 would be 0%, PH 3.5 would be 50%, and PH 0 would be 100%? What is the best PH reading for wine?
When the acid content is given in percentages, it is testing all of the tasteable acids. Whereas the pH tests all of the total acids. Therefore, you cannot convert pH readings into percentages. You are looking for a reading in between 3.8 to 3.4 pH.

Q Eric (Bent, NM)
I was wondering, can your digital pH meter be used to test vinegar?
Yes, our digital pH meter will test the pH levels in vinegar.

Q Sandra (Loveland, CO)
I see that the pH meter will test the pH levels in vinegar.Can it also be used on water?
Yes, the digital meter will also accurately test the pH levels of water.

Customer Reviews

"can't trust readings" Review by kands (Posted on 10/11/16)

When new this meter seemed to do a fare job and mad it easy to move through many different wine to be tested. The meter started to jump around so I used cleaning solution then recalibrated. When checked against my sodium hydroxide and phenolphthalein test the error was big.

"Better than others" Review by Tony (Posted on 3/5/15)

This is a better PH meter then I had before. It gives a reading quicker. It does not need to be calibrated as often. I like this PH meter and would recommend it to other winemakers.

"Works great and accurate" Review by Red Bird (Posted on 2/10/15)

I have owned this meter for almost 2 years. It reads quick and matches pH test strips when i compare them. Perfect value for home winemaker.

"Great" Review by Gower (Posted on 10/20/14)

Great Product. Great Customer Satisfaction. Highly Recommend.

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