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Plastic 3 Gallon Carboy with Barbed Faucet

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The 3 Gallon Plastic Carboy is ideal for a secondary fermentations and bulk storage of wine or beer. It`s made of clear P.E.T. plastic, the same material used to make 2 liter bottles. Only this plastic carboy is thicker and heavier. It`s completely taste and odor free and impermeable to oxygen. That means you can use this plastic carboy to bulk store your wine as long as you like. It can easily be sealed up air-tight with either a tapered cork or rubber stopper.

IMPORTANT: This carboy also requires a Faucet Wrench for taking the Barbed Faucet on and off when cleaning. Please order separately. Item number [PL910].


  • Ideal for secondary fermentations of both wine and beer.
  • Attach a hose to the barbed faucet for easy transferring.
  • Faucet is positioned up away from the sediment.
  • Made of heavy PET plastic.
  • Completely taste and odor free.
  • Completely impermeable to oxygen.
  • Easy to clean inside and out.
  • No side-wall ribs to collect sediment.
  • Overall dimensions are 15-1/2" tall and 9" round.
  • The opening can be fitted with either a:
    Size 10 Rubber Stopper
    Size 26 Tappered Cork
    Size 7 Rubber Cap
Q Bryan (Kansas City, MO)
I need to order the hose to attach to the barbed faucet on the 3-gallon plastic carboy.  What size of hose do I need?
The barbed faucet for the 3-gallon plastic carboy takes a 3/8" vinyl hose.

Customer Reviews

"Very good product" Review by Lungter (Posted on 4/29/13)

A bit pricy but it simplifies racking. No dander of broken glass from a dropped carboy.

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