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Plastic Bottle Filler: 3/8" Tubing

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(RK710) Make bottling your wine or beer a simple, mess-free task. The Plastic Bottle Filler is a clear rigid shaft with an automatic foot-valve on the bottom end for quick and easy shut-off between filling bottles. Attach our 3/8 inch Vinyl Hose to the other end and depress the spring-loaded button foot-valve against the bottom of the bottle or container to start filling. Approximately 15 inches tall. Comes apart for easy to cleaning.
Q Carol (Belfast, TN)
Will your Plastic Bottle Filler fit into the mouth of a one gallon carboy?
Yes, it does.

Customer Reviews

"Makes life easier!" Review by Ron F. (Posted on 1/4/16)

This little gadget, along with an auto siphon, are probably the two best bangs for your buck in terms of making bottling day a joy rather than a pain. Highly recommended!

"Fairly good." Review by Al (Posted on 3/4/14)

Cannot fill the bottle to within an inch of the cork without fiddling a bit too much - tube displaces too much wine.

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