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Red Barron Capper

Item Number: CPR120

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Price: $26.20

(CPR120) This well designed capper has a smooth mechanical action with a flexible spring-load design. It caps bottles with one swift continuous action. Little effort is needed on your part to apply the cap. This makes the bottling process go much more smoothly, saving you time and energy. Has a magnetic cap holder so you can pre-load the unit. Or, you can place the caps on the bottles before applying the capper. Works exceptionally well.


Customer Reviews

"Great capper for the price" Review by Dillon (Posted on 2/9/15)

I like this capper because it is easy to use. it works fast and does not take a lot of pressure. i have done several batches and works good.

"lots of flat bottles" Review by mainebrew (Posted on 9/7/14)

about 1/3 of the bottles from my 5 gallon brew did not hold carbonation - nothing worse than pouring a flat beer!! very disappointed in this capper

"worked great" Review by Pasquale (Posted on 1/8/14)

I have used this to bottle on 2 batches. have not had any problems with it. works faster than the tabletop type i borrowed. Would recommend it to someone who is brewing 2 or 3 batches a month.

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